Areas of Practice

ph. Studio Legale Gatto 2019

ph. Studio Legale Gatto 2019


For over 40 years, Studio Legale Gatto provides high level legal assistance to companies, both in the aspects of corporate management issues as well as corporate finance transactions. The firm serves a wide range of clients: from large corporations (including those of the Fortune Global 500) to medium sized companies, both Italian and multinational. The legal practice covers every stage of a company's lifespan: from incorporation to shareholders' agreements, mergers and acquisitions and dissolution. Studio Legale Gatto also provides its services in the matters related to international trade law, including contracts and dispute resolution on a world-wide level. Our lawyers possess broad experience across such industries as financial sector, real estate, horeca (hotel, restaurants and catering), food and beverage, retail, manufacturing, entertainment, marketing, media, IT, telecoms, pharmaceutical and transport.


Studio Legale Gatto has a great experience in M & A (Mergers and Acquisitions), dealing every year with their negotiation and closing, both in small-medium operations and multi-million deals. We adopt innovative solutions in a complex and ever-changing sector. The assistance provided concerns the whole negotiation and closing process, including leveraged buyouts and every kind of ancillary agreement, also in international transactions .


The Firm is committed to providing specialist assistance and advice in corporate litigation, both in commercial and corporate matters. By acting for a broad number of clients who had dealings with the government, the Firm had excelled its expertise in litigation between private clients and the government, both state and local. The experience of the Firm has also extended to various procedures for claims against the government while ensuring client's satisfaction in receivables and time.


Arbitration has become an indispensable tool for the resolution of disputes at both national and international level. Studio Legale Gatto participates in arbitration both as a defender and as a referee with particular attention given to pre-litigation in favour of settling disputes through experiment procedures to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), with provision of settlement agreements and acts of extra-judicial conciliation. Our Law Firm's high expertise in corporate and commercial law, together with the decades-long experience, helps to ensure high standards of care in the areas of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).


The firm provides advice and assistance in all areas of Real Estate Law, representing both private owners and companies in all the real estate matters, including negotiation and litigation. Studio Legale Gatto is expert in all kind of agreements regarding the sector including purchase contracts, loan agreements, leases, rental agreements and business transactions related to real estate.


The Firm gives to its clients all the necessary assistance regarding general counseling on creditory rights and bankruptcy law, including real estate financing and other types of financing arrangements. Our lawyers are experts in the actions to prevent the diminution of the debtor's estate by his fraud (or Actio Pauliana) and the remedies provided by the Italian law to prevent creditors fraudolent conveyances.


Studio Legale Gatto offers its services in the legal assistance to corporations and privates regarding white collar crimes, including tax crimes and professional liability. The knowledge acquired in the business sector allows the Law Firm to assess and reduce the risks, in order to improve the internal security and avoid criminal involvement both of companies and physicals.


The Firm provides advice in the field of new technologies, industry sector in rapid evolution, according to the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. By analysis of the regulation and structuring of products and services, it provides support in the definition of contracts and the implementation of the laws of the sector in the functional activities of the operators. Every aspect of the dispute related to intellectual property rights (such as know-how, trade secrets, trademarks, patents, and copyrights) is managed by the Firm, also with the support of external specialized counsels. Gatto Law Firm also provides its assistance on the negotiation and drafting of contracts of sale, distribution, licensing, advertising, merchandising, franchising, sponsorship and technology transfer.

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