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Thanks to the constant attention and professionalism dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients, consisting of national and multinational companies, we have built a long-term client relationship that last in most cases for decades. This also enabled Studio Legale Gatto to acquire specific knowledge in different areas ranging from advertising to catering, from publishing to hotel industry, from security to radio and television, as well as commercial and industrial vehicles. Each case is assigned to an attorney who follows its development and keeps the client updated and informed. This approach not only allows control of the efficiency and speed of work, but also exploits the specific skills of other colleagues with expertise in different sectors.

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Avv. Andrea Gatto, Founder
Graduated with honours at the "Università degli Studi" of Milan in 1972, Avv. Gatto joined the Bar of Milan in 1974 and was authorized to stay before the Italian Supreme Court ("Corte di Cassazione") in 1989. Avv. Gatto is the founder and owner of the eponymous firm, operating both in court and out-of-court.
Expert in the areas of Corporate and Business Law, Litigation, Arbitration and ADR and Bankruptcy Law.
Languages: Italian, Spanish and English.


Avv. Benedetta Ballatore
Graduated in Law with honours from the "Università degli Studi Sapienza" of Rome in 1991.
Avv. Ballatore is registered at the Bar of Milan in 1994, and later, in 1999, at the Bar of Rome.
Areas of expertise: Civil and Commercial Law, Family Law, assistance on administrative and citizenship procedures.
Languages: Italian, English and German.

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Avv. Nicolo Andrea Gatto
Graduated with honours at the "Università degli Studi" of Milan in 2010, Avv. Nicolò Gatto received L.L.M. in International Trade Law (Contracts and Dispute Resolution) at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO) in 2014.
Registered at the Bar of Milan since 2012.
Areas of expertise: Commercial Law, International Trade Law and Litigation.
Languages: Italian, Spanish and English.

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Avv. Marco Alessandro Bartolucci
Graduated in law in 2010 at the "Università degli Studi" of Milan with honours and dignity of publication of a dissertation in criminal law winning the "Giorgio Ambrosoli Award 2011".
In 2012, Avv. Bartolucci received a specialisation diploma for Legal Professions at the University of Milan Bicocca and Insubria and a Ph.D. degree in Business Law at the University Luigi Bocconi in 2018. 
Registered at the Bar of Milan in 2013.
Areas of expertise: White Collar Crimes.
Languages: Italian and English.

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Avv. Francesco Romita
Graduated in Law at the Università Cattolica di Milano (Magna cum Laude, 1998) winning the best graduate award of Agostino Gemelli.
Avv. Romita joined the Bar of Milan in 2001.
Areas of Expertise: Litigation; Commercial and Corporate Law, Civil Law, Copyright and Information Technology.
Languages: Italian and English.

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Avv. Michele Barsotti
Graduated from Università degli studi di Firenze in 2010, Avv. Barsotti obtained the certificate of completion in Criminal Liability of Collective Entities pursuant to Legislative Decree. 231/2001 at the University of Milan in 2018.
Registed at the Bar of Milan in 2014.
Areas of Expertise: Criminal law, Civil and Corporate law.
Languages: Italian and English


Avv. Marta Lamanuzzi
Graduated with honours from Università Cattolica di Milano in 2012, receiving a Ph.D. in Criminal Law at the same university in 2016.
Registered at the Bar of Milan in 2016.
Areas of expertise: Criminal Law.
Languages: Italian and English.